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Enable the Module Survey Auth


In the project, go to External Modules and configure Survey Auth. Important parameters:

  • Lockout count (number of failed login attempts that trigger a lockout; use 0 to disable; default = 3): change it to your needs
  • LDAP: check this to use the REDCap LDAP users
  • Table: to use the REDCap users that are specified outside of LDAP
  • Custom: specify a custom list of usernames and password username:password.


In the survey instrument that shall use authentication, add the action tag @SURVEY-AUTH to an arbitrary field.


@SURVEY-AUTH(success=value, username=fieldname, email=fieldname, fullname=fieldname, timestamp=fieldname) When username, email, fullname, or timestamp are defined, the respective data will be inserted into to records into the specified fields. Timestamp format will match the datetime format of the target field (time-only fields are not supported; defaults to YMD).

Don't do this!