REDCap:How to - Set up a project

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Create a new project

  1. Click on "New Project" shown in the website header.
  2. Specify your project title and give an optional description in Project notes.
  3. For Research projects, select "Research" as the Project's purpose.
  4. Most often, you might want to start an empty project. You can also try out the templates. If you have a common use case that you would like to see as a template, send an email to ZHAW Services Research Data.

Project setup

Your new project opens with the view on Project Setup. This view guides you through the project development. Enable the available modules (e.g., surveys) and customizations as you need them and design your data collection instruments.

Project lifecycle

Don't forget to move your project to production mode BEFORE you start with the real data collection and AFTER you have thoroughly tested your project. The advantage of the production mode is that REDCap protects the integrity of collected data and from unintentional data loss. As a consequence, changing instruments is restricted. Thanks to testing and pilot phases, changes during production mode should not be necessary and should occur only in exceptional situations.