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To provide a survey in one or several languages the survey participant can choose from, use the built-in Multilanguage Management of REDCap:

Find the Multilanguage Management Application in REDCap


Configure your languages

First, add the languages that you need.

Add language

Add new language

Click on "Add new language" to add a language to your project. If you want a survey in just one other language than English, you specify only one, e.g., German.


Language key and name or import language

In the popup, specify the Language Id and the language display name.


Alternatively, press "Import from file or system"


You can select a translation file from your hard drive.


Or you can choose a language from the system. We have prepared for you three languages: German, French, and Italian. You can import these and adapt any translation to your needs.


Language id and display name are filled out based on the information of the imported file.


Activate the language for your project

The language appears now in your list of languages.


To use it, you need to activate it.


Don't forget to save your changes


Activate the language for your project

Now switch to the tab "Forms/Surveys". Activate the language for each instrument in which you want the language to be active. You can choose Data Entry and Survey separately.

Don't forget to save your changes.


Edit a language

From your list of languages, you can change any translation by editing the language. You can also configure the default and fallback.