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  • Have your consent text ready. A checklist is available per request.

Important: Stop Actions can only be used in this scenario if you have only ONE instrument. A stop action simply jumps to the end of one instrument and would lead to starting the next instrument.

If you want to have an informed consent with several instruments, use survey queues

Informed Consent for anonymous survey

Use Stop-field in your instrument

In your REDCap project in the first instrument, start with a descriptive field that will contain the information text for the informed consent, or you can add the text directly to the next field.

Add one of the following fields to collect the approval/agreement

  • Yes/NO

Stop 01.png

Click on the Stop-Icon inline to add a stop action. Probably, you want to select the No-answer to end the survey immediately.

Stop 03.png

After successfully setting the stop action, it will be displayed in the online designer as follows

Stop 04.png

With this setting, the survey will jump to the end of the survey if the NO-answer is selected. Please notice that in case you have activated the survey queue, the stop action will jump to the next instrument.

Configure the survey end

In survey settings, choose the option "survey completion text".

Stop 05.png

In "Options related to Survey Stop Actions", you can enter the specific message, and in addition, you can choose if the so-far survey responses should be saved or not.

Stop 06.png